We’re Hadron Epoch, a design studio in Los Angeles.

We create planners, journals, notepads, phone cases, and other practical lifestyle items to customize your day-to-day routine.

We love clean lines, refreshing colors, and out-of-the ordinary patterns. Our aesthetic is modern and clean, but with a splash of chic. We hope to make the world a more vibrant place—one high-quality design at a time.




Epoch Pop is a collection by Hadron Epoch for the fun, young, and adventurous.

Featuring bright colors and bold graphics, the collection carries journals, notebooks, planners, and lifestyle items to match the everyday outfit.

Epoch Pop is driven by trendy inspiration mixed with a retro spin, catered fresh to teens & young adults. The collection gives the youth an opportunity to explore a unique style and a vivid world they can call their own.




We think that having fun is just as important as working hard.
When not obsessing over stationery, we love window-shopping at our favorite
boutiques, bringing home flowers from the farmers market and singing along
to the radio with the car window rolled down. Our philosophy is simple:
never pass up cotton candy, and don't be afraid of adventure.




By definition, Hadron Epoch [ˈha-ˌdrän, ˈe-pək] is the period that occurred
10−6 seconds after the Big Bang, which is the start of the universe.

To us it represents a new way of creating stationery—stationery that
encourages productivity while inspiring others to lead more creative lives.